EXCEL 2013 Problem

This is not a DataDear problem but as a result of wanting to use DataDear to submit my VAT returns. I hope it is OK to post it here.
When I found DataDear I was using Excel-2010 which is not suitable for the add-in, although it worked fine under Windows-10. I had a copy of Excel-2013 on an old XP laptop so uninstalled it and installed it on my Windows-10 PC. Then started the problems. I eventually got it to run but only when I was signed in as an Administrator with my first VAT return looming. That went ok but only when using the Admin profile. With a bit more work since, I have managed to get it running under the User account but of course it brings up the UAC password every time. Now I have many Spreadsheets that I use all the time, some enormous ones with many, many macros running. But when clicking either the file or a shortcut to it Excel-2013 opens but it is completely blank, so unusable. I can only open these sheets by using the Open tab and navigating to the file which is really inconvenient as is having to enter my quite complicated Password each time I use Excel.
Has anybody had this problem and solved it, none of the suggestions I have found on the web have worked. A solution may help others with the same problem here.

Hi @StevenJay,

Apologies I’m unable to help here, except being a massive fan of the benefits of Microsoft 365, if i can help persuade you to make the upgrade? Starting from as little as £60 per year to have the latest supported versions across the whole of your office suite…

Eitherway I hope you manage to resolve your challenge! Sorry I couldn’t help.

Thanks for your reply Carl. I have kept away from Office 365 because I travel extensively and often have very bad internet so online software is not very useful. So I have stuck with the installed versions. Especially Office and QuickBooksthat can work well when off-line…
As it happens my Office 2013 installation updated overnight yesterday and all my problems with Excel 2013 seem to have gone away thank goodness except that DataDear refused to stay installed but after purging everything to do with DataDear from my system and reinstalling it all appears to be stable,I will only know though when I have to submit my next VAT return in three months time.

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