EXCEL Add in OLE error



I have started using DataDear few hours back for VAT payment. I have filled in all the information and clicked ‘Refresh’. It is now hung and keeps giving me error about waiting for OLE action message.
I disabled and re-enabled add-in but as soon as I logon to datadear using the Add-in, it goes in this loop of OLE error.

How do I resolve this? I don’t have much data - just 10 rows. I don’t know why it is so long for refreshing the sheet.


After closing excel through Task Manager, re-opened excel and before logging on to Datadear checked all the data.
Logged on to datadear through Excel. this time it did not give any error.



We are currently exploring this error with HMRC development team. A handful of users are experiencing this with no consistency, and looks to be an issue with HMRCs availability of the service although not always publicised on their website.

We would’ve advised forcing Excel to close, waiting a short period and trying again, so great work on successfully getting past this without our assistance :slight_smile: and thank you for the update! We will email all users with any updates in our next monthly update.