Excel named range being deleted on refresh of datadear

I’m using the Balance Sheet Multiple Periods template, using two months left to right. I’ve named the two amount columns in excel, so I can use a sumif formula over the range.

When I refresh the sheet, it removes the two columns, and inserts two new columns with the updated data, and the named ranges no longer exist.

Is there a way around this to keep the named ranges, and just update the data within the column ? The only way I’ve found to over come is to write some VBA to replace the named range after the refresh. But its not ideal.


Hi Brad

DataDear will recreate these columns if the name is changed - simple because the name is important to reuse the same columns. If you always keep the same number of periods in your query, then you can add your own columns and workings at the end of the report - these will not be replaced and can be named to whatever is required.

We are currently working on an option to have the periods reported as rows as happens with the Profit and Loss Multiple Period report.