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Hi - Is anyone using Power Query to manipulate the raw data coming out of DataDear to produce a cleaner data set for client reporting?

I am trying to combine the invoice and credit note information into a single data set (with enrichment from lookup tables) but because I am doing this across multiple companies I was hoping to copy the m-code over for each instance, but this isn’t working.

I am not an m-code expert, so it might be a problem with my coding, but I can’t work out why the most simple code won’t come across.

Any help would be appreciated.


@lancerubin maybe can help with this?


Hi - I managed to figure this out last night. There are spaces in the field names which seems to cause problems when copying the code across. It even causes problems when copying from one step to another.

I now remove the spaces manually as a first step and then am able to copy the rest of the code after that and it works just fine.

Thanks for following up though Neville.

@lancerubin it might still be worth connecting to see how you are using Power Query and DataDear?


Hi Richard - thank you for sharing this info!

Happy DataDearing!


Hi Richard, we dont use Power Query generally to get data from accounting packages.

We really use either Modano to pull into a 3-way rolling model at chart of account level into the PL and BS of a model, or we use DataDear for the purpose of pulling transaction level information and also tracking codes.

Modano is deficient in some areas which is why we opted to add DataDear into our tool kit as it has a lot more functionality in terms of transaction level and tracking code level data. It also enables the pushing of information back into the cloud which is extremely powerful for automating finance tassks like journal postings etc.

Happy to have a chat.

We can do a hangout/skype/whatsapp call, just book something using this link.


Chat soon and happy DataDearing!