Exchange Rates for reports



Hi guys,

How do I determine what exchange rate was used to prepare the consolidated reports?

Many thanks, Sarah


Hi Sarah

DataDear extracts the rate from an external service (openexchange) and uses the spot rate as at end of month/period selected in the parameters window of the report. This applies only to multiple period reports.

You can also a currency report (which you can find under the reports drop-down) where you can download your own exchange rates for a day or for the month.


Hey neville - Is there a way to include a different rate to be used in the report somewhere?


Hi sarahp - if you wish to create reports using your own rate, you will need to generate the respective reports individually and then consolidate them in Excel (manually). The DataDear currency report may help you get the rates you require.

May I ask why you need to change the rate provided by DataDear to consolidate the report?


sometimes we need to create reports using a specific date of the month - will do as suggested