Export Audit Trail from DataDear


The last 3 imports I’ve prepared and posted through DataDear have failed half way through. This means that the data set I have doesn’t have any Xero ID’s associated with any of the transactions despite DataDear having posted some of the transactions to Xero already.

I need to be able to figure out what posted and what didn’t (we are talking about 10k transactions so manually is not an option here).

How do I export the audit trail information on the main DataDear website to be able to find out which transactions posted and which didn’t?

Hi @nicoleSllick

Without knowing what transactions have been posted, it is difficult to provide detailed advice. I would recommend either downloading the transactions using DataDear’s data table - example if the transactions are Invoices, download all the Invoices by the selected data range. Excel can help you match the numbers / description of all those that had to be posted.

Another option is to use the Get Data to Edit are similarly compare the transactions to what you were planning to post.

Hope I was sufficiently clear - let us now how that goes.

In the meantime, I hope you identified what caused some transactions not to be created