Export Earnings line per employee for each payrun to excel

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Hi there, our not for profit organisation calculates annual leave and personal leave on a dollar basis. What we would like to do is export the total earnings lines per employee from Xero to Excel. We can then calculate the annual leave and personal leave accrual in Excel. Ideally we would then like to import the leave accrual on employee payment summaries. I’m new to Deardata and I am not sure if any of this is possible.

What accounting software are you using? Xero

Hi @Kate,

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It sounds like we’ll certainly be able to help in automating your model. You’ll need to use either a data table / report to expose the data, and a post template in order to create the accounting entries back.

Are you looking to outsource your requirements to be completely built for you? Or are you looking to build this solution yourself?

We have a free training centre for all users, along with our DataDear Experts to help with even the most complicated of requirements.


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