Extract INVOICE/Credit Note - filter by either Contact Name or Accounts code

What is the problem you need to solve?
Why aren’t we able to filter by either Contact Name or Accounts code in those report?

Yes you download everything and then make your selection via filter but it is such a waste of time.

What accounting software are you using?

Hi Sophie,

If you use the invoice/credit note lines data table you can filter by contact name, please see snippet below;

The account code unfortunately isn’t exposed directly as a filter and would take development work to implement.


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Thanks, is that not something users would find useful?

It is quite a common request within the Xero developer community forum, but I have just checked in with our contacts and this isn’t something they’re working on I’m afraid. Will be sure to update this post should the functionality become available from the Xero API, and we’ll have it implemented in no time :slight_smile:

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