Extract multiple bank balances in different currencies in Bank Statement Report



We have multiple bank accounts in different currencies within multiple entities. The Bank Statement report seems to have the option to choose single bank account at a time. The Bank Summary report converts all currencies to the default currency of the entity. Is there a way to extract balances in their own currency within one report.


Hi Chrisie,

In order to have 1 report, for all Bank accounts existing on 1 entity/organisation with their own currency, you may use the ‘Bank Statement - Multiple Accounts’ report.


Hope this helps!


Thanks Clifton! I don’t seem to have the option of -Multiple Accounts in my Drop down menu. Is it an additional report we can download? Thanks


Hi Chrisie,

You are welcome. This report is available for a single entity/organisation and not for a group of entities.
In addition, if you still do not see this report, double check with the account owner to make sure you have the required rights.

The following article explains on how user permissions can be amended;

Hope this helps.