Familiarise yourself with the DataDear Toolbar

Learn what each button in the DataDear excel toolbar does and how to use these buttons to help you work faster and more efficiently.

This article will help you familiarise yourself with the DataDear Add-in Tab, and all the buttons within that tab.

Log In and select an organisation.

First thing to do is to go to the DataDear tab and login using your login credentials or the single sign on method of your choice. How do I start using the DataDear Excel add-in?

Next select an organisation from the dropdown and let our data miners get to work.

:bulb: Please note - Only connections previously linked and granted access to will show here. This is completely customisable on a user-by-user basis.
How do I add or reconnect a Xero organisation to my DataDear account?

Selecting a Data table or a Report

If you’re building a report or insights from a blank canvas, your next step will be to select a Data table or a report from the relevant drop downs. We recommend you check out all of the available tables, reports and filters to work with your data, in the way that you are most comfortable with.

Reports allow you to easily download your data, construct this to your exact needs and refresh or update your workbook at any time, across multiple clients, whilst linking your filters to cells within your workbook.

Refresh buttons

Use the refresh buttons to update the reports or data tables chosen. There are 4 ways to refresh the data:

  1. Current Sheet Quick – skips the filters and refreshes based on the last set criteria.

  2. Current Sheet – reopens the parameters allowing you to change criteria.

  3. All sheets – allow you to Refresh your workbook in 1 go, please select the feeds to update by using the tick box to decide whether to skip or open parameters.

  1. Automatic refresh - when logged into DataDear, this will automatically refresh all tabs on opening your document.

:bulb: Please note - Automatic refresh can be enabled an disabled. To understand how to do this please refer to the link below.
When do I use the Refresh or Append functionality?

Account Transactions

The Account transactions button is specific to Xero connections only. It provides a data table of all transactions posted in Xero. Many users find this report useful to build custom reports off.

Drill down, Attachments and PDF copy

The drill down, attachments and PDF copy buttons are handy data tools that come alive once you are working on your data. Drill down will retrieve extra details, attachments will get any associated attachments, whether added manually or via OCR tools like Hubdoc, finally PDF copy will generate a copy of this record, all without leaving Excel.

Template library

Next up we have the buttons ‘Post Online’, ‘Clear Sheet’ and ‘Get Data to Edit’. These 3 buttons are used for pushing data to your connection for new entries or edits/updates. To enable these you will have to start from a template, that you can easily get to by using the ‘templates library’ icon to the side

Post Online

Post Online - If you just need to create new data then either enter or use formulas to populate your data, when ready hit post online. Choosing whether to allow for edits within the workbook once posted by hitting yes, or allowing you to automate by choosing Yes (no Edit).

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)

Once posted, you’ll receive a smart validation message when complete, notifying you of the status of posted items along with a direct hyperlink to your software.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)

Get data to edit

If you need to edit, update or archive existing data, use the ‘Get Data to Edit’ button. If relevant, choose the filters to apply to narrow your request confirming with the ‘ok’ button.

Data will now be returned and populated in the workbook, use column A for any rows you need to update, adding new entries at the same time if required. And when ready, hit post online.


Clear sheet

This will wipe all data from the excel sheet and will reset the template as new.


You can use the ‘Add’ button to make connections directly from Excel. Choosing your software will automatically direct you to the relevant landing page just as it does from our web dashboard.


Similarly the ‘View’ button provides shortcuts taking you directly to either; The DataDear web dashboard, your post audit trail or to your notification center.

We’ve dedicated the rest of the toolbar to surfacing our handy help links, tips and tricks.

Knowledge base

Use the Knowledge base button to get straight to a wealth of help and how to articles including best practice on how to use DataDear.

Report Problem and About

The Report problem button is there in case you notice any anomalies and need to talk with our support team, filling in the details on this form will automatically generate a ticket for you.

The About button provides a quick overview of DataDear

Community Support

The Community Support button will direct you to an area constantly monitored by our staff, DataDear Experts and super users alike where you can ask any questions about DataDear. We believe in helping each other and encourage our users to ask their questions here so we can all benefit!

Request Custom Solution

The ‘Request Custom Solution’ taps into our best business intelligence Experts. If you have a challenge which needs solving but don’t have the resources to complete it, you can provide us with as much information about your challenge. This will allow our team and experts to analyse the best way to help you and get in touch.

What’s new

Finally, the ‘What’s new’ button will take you to the last DataDear release overview where improvements and updates to DataDear are made monthly.