Familiarise yourself with the NEW DataDear 365 Add-in

Learn how to successfully navigate the new DataDear 365 Add-in

This article assumes that the user already has a good understanding of how to use DataDear and is familiar with the previous tool bar.

The New Login Screen

The new login screen is a familiar sight for experienced DataDear users. Similar to the previous excel login screen the screen allows users to login using their existing credentials or by using the single sign on method for the relevant accounting software.

The DataDear status bar

At the bottom of the DataDear add-in, users can see a status bar. When DataDear is retrieving or posting data a message will appear at the bottom and will indicate once it is one.

The New Add-in Buttons

All the functionality of the earlier DataDear add-in has been retain and can be accessed from the screen below.

:bulb: Remember - Hovering over the buttons with your mouse will show the names of the respective icons.

Reports and data tables

  1. Refresh button
  2. View attachments
  3. Copy to PDF
  4. Drill down
  5. The Add button allows users to add organisations, create groups and set user permissions
  6. The side arrow support button is a technical button that is typically used to resolve issues of a technical nature
  7. Select an organisation or group tool bar
  8. List of all Data table
  9. List of all Reports
  10. Search bar to data tables and report. User can now type in the name of the report or data table

More options Button

More options include Templates Library , View Audit Trail, Go to Dashboard, Knowledge Base, Community Forum, About and logout.


When loading a template the buttons will change to display buttons that can only be accessed when in the template environment.

:bulb: Note : The buttons will light up once and organisation group has been selected.

  1. Post data.
  2. Clean Sheet.
  3. Get Data.
  4. Refresh.
  5. Attachments.