Finding the DataDear tab



I downloaded the free trial. I have all my data input and the vat form is complete and correct. I have changed the Declaration at no. 10 to ‘Yes’ but I have no way to actually submit to HMRC. Do I have to buy something?


Hi Nial

Thank you for your interest in the MTD solution provided by DataDear!

The tool is quite easy to use and you can follow these steps to double check the provcess you have done:

  1. Create an account with DataDear (using the register button on the website)

  2. Make sure you have signed-up for MTD using one of the links below (depending on whether an agent is acting or not).

Business or Sole Trader -
Agent to submit for clients -

  1. Download and install the DataDear Excel add-in. More information on how to install here

  2. Add the HMRC connection to your account from the Organisations tab within the DataDear dashboard

  3. Download the HMRC workbook from the DataDear Templates Library and follow the instructions to map the figures and submit your VAT return to HMRC.


Neville. Done all that. I have my HMRC connection etc. No DataDear tab on top menu bar when i open the Excel add-in. There was at first but the program then froze - waiting for another application to execute an OLE command or some such message. Re-opening after force quit, and even after reinstalling all, leaves me with an Excel worksheet with no DataDear tab,. Refresh does not populate the vat period after I input my vat number.


Hi Niall

It could be that the DataDear add-in was disabled after re-opening Excel. Can you follow this article to re-enable?

Once you get the add-in showing, and selecting the organisation, can you try getting the Obligations report, so you may see whether you have any open periods to submit.


FYI I have managed to get the return completed and filed with HMRC. I installed the set-up on a different computer as I didn’t seem to be able to properly re-install on main machine. Maybe an issue with full Uninstall process. Tried following instructions supplied but it couldn’t find Appdata to delete ScopeSaaS folder.

It looks like the Datadear add-in doesn’t like it when more than one excel spreadsheet is open (I use other s’sheets to prepare the data I copy and paste to the Vat form). Could that be right? is it normal to get the message “MS Excel waiting for another application to complete an OLE action” when you log in or connect to HMRC?

I think a clearer set of instructions for the process steps for subsequent submission periods, once the main installations are set up and used for first period, would help. E.g. do I go to Datadear site to download the Excel form again or should it be sent automatically?

I edited the Invoices and Receipts sheets to suit the source of my data to make it simpler to copy and paste. Will I have to edit those again next time?

Can one make some entries to the spreadsheet, save the spreadsheet and re-open it later or is it necessary to complete and submit once it is downloaded and opened? Should one be logged in etc when entering data or can one fill in all the forms before logging in?

Finally please note that Boxes 8 and 9 on submission sheet have to be filled other than by typing the figures directly - I had to add a further sheet to the form and have the figure copied from there - eg =Sheet4!E12. Could you add that to the documentation?

Thanks. When it gets there it’s a great wee program!!



Hi Niall,

Thank you for confirming, glad you have managed!

In regards to the questions for HMRC, we do have a free course in our training centre specifically related to all the steps for HMRC. It can be found here:

The number of Excel sheets should not matter in this case, you can have multiple sheets open and DataDear would still work. The OLE error is coming from Excel, more information can be found here about this;

You may keep the same Excel sheet to use next time and upon refreshing you will get the open period, then you just need to map out the figures. You may have the sheet mapped already prior to logging in to DataDear and selecting the organisation.

Thank you for your feedback, we will review internally. Thank you for choosing DataDear!

Let us know should you have any other questions.