Foreign Currency Gains and Losses

Hi we have noticed that when we download a consolidated P&L report - the foreign currency gains and losses are being grouped together however this is usually separated on Xero.

We would prefer that unrealised and realised gains are separated - could you advise how this can be done?


Hi @angela.a

Thank you for your query and for using DataDear.

I am assuming you are using the Xero - Smart Profit and Loss Report template.

If you look at column B " Accounts Code" you can see what accounts make up the line Foreign Currency Gains and Losses. In the screen below these are accounts 497, 498 and 499.

If you run a Trial Balance multiple periods report for the same period you now see the accounts split as requested. To include this in your reporting you can use Sumif formulas to total up the Realised Gains and Unrealised Gains separately for a given period.


Hope this helps and please let me know should you require anything further.

Kind regards,


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Hi David we are using Datadear’s consolidated Profit & Loss report as we are grouping two entitles together. On Xero the foreign currency gains and losses are separated under operating(499) and non-operating expenses(497/498). I think there should be an option where we can select whether to group realised and unrealised gains. Due to this we will have to create a separate tab to obtain the splits for our report

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