Free account for VAT returns only

Hi, I found on the HMRC website that I can use your tool for free to submit my VAT returns. I do not want or need any other product from datadear. But when I tried to do this, I clicked on the green button “Create free account”, which took me to a sign-up form where the free account was not available. So I chose the smallest account, and it seems I am now on a one-month trial. Please tell me what I did wrong and how to get to the free account. Thanks.

Hello @cescapesca

Correct this is a free service so you may ignore the message re trial - the system will allow you to use HMRC VAT even after the trial expires.

Ok, thanks for your reply. It shows I am signed up for the standard plan, which I find quite confusing. I recommend you change that.

Can you also tell me how to delete my account? I cannot find this anywhere. Thank you.

Hi @cescapesca

You may want to refer to this article

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