Get Data and Edit from QuickBooks

I am trying to GET and EDIT data from Quickbooks but here are my problems:

1- Journal entries retrieved do not tie back to QB journals (it brings only a few)…
2- Does not allow me to select type of Journal (manual, AR, AP, others) as I need to change
3- If I extract from the Journal table (Post and Edit journals template), it does not allow me to correct and repost. It only works in the standard template/sheet.
4- Some fields like Journal Reference is not populated in the standard template, but If I extract journals in a plain sheet, it does. Yet this is the field I cannot change with the POST and EDIT data…

I am in a big migration project and need to correct data from Quickbooks in a massive way but cannot find a way to do with DD.

Anyone can help?

Hi @veronica.monea

Welcome to the DataDear community.

The Journal Entries data table has some filters that you need to change to get more journals entries. Also you can only get up to 5,000 journals per request so you might need to run the process a few times to get all the journals the first time.

Correct, editing a journal entry can only happen within the templates provided with DataDear - the Get Data to Edit comes in handy to bring over the journal entries and these can then be corrected and posted back to QBO.

I did not understand this one - can you elaborate further please.