Get Data & Edit function



I have just started up your free trial and have been experimenting with it this morning.
I was wondering what the Get Data to Edit function does and why it always seems to be greyed out even though I am connected to a Xero organisation?



Hi Alena,

Thanks for your query. The ‘Get Data to Edit’ button works similarly to ‘find & recode’ in Xero, allowing you to pull down a batch of transactions, to review and amend before posting these edit’s directly back into Xero. As the final stage is using our posting capabilities, you need to start from one of our templates. Currently this is working on both our Xero MTD and Xero Invoices, bills & payments templates, both available within our templates library here…

This functionality is typically used for either review work, or for approval and payment workflows. Please get in touch if you’d like a demo or to discuss your individual requirements. You can reach me on



thanks for the informative reply Carl.

are there any plans to have this available for journals as well?



Hi Alena

Indeed this concept is planned for Manual Journals as well :slight_smile:

This will be launched with the next DataDear release on 16th January