Getting OLE Action notice just to open template for Invoices


I am trying to use the Bulk Invoices template and experience an OLE warning just to get the template to open. It goes on for approx 30mins. I orignally thought it could be because I was using the free version but I have since purchased a subscription and rolled it out to my team but it is proving more time consuming than the existing Xero import from Xero.
I can understand that if we are trying to extract a lot of data that we would get this warning, but this is just to open a template after selecting the organisation.

As it stands, I do not think it is worth the cost to continue the subscription if we have to wait so long just to get it open.

Please advise what we can do to improve this.

Thanks Lindsey

Hi @lindsey.hutcheon

That is quite unusual and I agree with you that with the current timings you are experiencing the template becomes unusable. I would like to understand why this may be happening - do you have a large number of contacts or tracking options? DataDear gets these from Xero when you open the template and this will usually take a few seconds (possibly minutes).

Would it be possible to share the connection with DataDear Support so we can check a few things from this side?

Hi Neville

Thanks for the reply!
Yes happy to share with you to get this working because when it works it is fantastic.

I have added Support as a user thanks


We had this issue long time ago.
Try below:
a. close all excel sheets. reopen it. it may get connected quickly. if this did not work
b. our company using excel 365, with the auto upgrade policy. my office pc stop working with all kind ole, or registry issues after one update. (it worked before perfectly). I have to switch to my personal pc, which has excel 2010 and don’t do auto-upgrade. that one worked great.
i am now filing all vat on my personal pc. tried to get help from DataDear, they don’t have answer for office upgrade issues.

hope this helps


Hey Eugene
Thanks for the tip! I will certainly try. We might get someone in the team to do it that was as a workaround, thanks!

Hi Neville

Our users are still getting the OLE error after I disconnected all instances of xero, deleted all orgs on DataDear and reconnected all.

Is there anything else you suggest we do. Just seems the performance is inconsistent.


Hi @lindsey.hutcheon

As discussed privately over emails, you are getting the OLE error due to the number of contacts in the mentioned organisations. One organisation mentioned has 44,000 contacts, so as soon as the organisation is chosen, DataDear will start retrieving these contacts from Xero. This process is what is causing the OLE error to appear, and the length of this process can also vary depending on Internet speed and Xero server traffic as explained in the article below.

Please let us know if we can help further.

Thanks David.

Yes I understand that and also communicated it to our team.
We have it working now thanks, although not consistently.
We are also experiencing payment issues on bulk uploads, even on two or three documents at a time. Some payments seem to load against customer invoices but the majority don’t.

I will raise a separate ticket for this



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