Getting started with a post and edit template

Learn the basics on how to get started with post and edit templates in the Templates Library.

:bookmark: It is recommended to familiarise yourself with the following articles:

Using the template

  1. Open the downloaded template in Excel and login into DataDear.

:information_source: Note: You may need to click on the Enable Editing button to remove the Protected View.


  1. The workbook has 2 sheets:

    • Notes and Controls sheet - includes useful information on how to use the template and some controls to double check what will be pushed into the accounting software. It is recommended to go through the Notes before pushing the data. This sheet also contains Controls which will help you understand the data in the template.

    • Name of the template (example the Manual Journals Template) - this is where the transactions need to be copied or created and will be pushed into the accounting software.

  2. To use the template, select an organisation from the DataDear tab and the template will automatically connect to the accounting software and load the organisation details and any related validated lists such as tax rates and accounts.

:information_source: NOTE
If the drop-down lists are not populated, you may click on the Refresh icon and select the Refresh option to force the sheet to get the latest data from the accounting software.

  1. You may now start populating the data you wish to push in the accounting software. Each line will represent a separate transaction unless the same header details are used. Mandatory fields which cannot be left blank are marked with a white star.

:white_check_mark: EXAMPLE
When creating Invoices, any lines containing the same Entry date, Invoice Number, Type and Contact will be automatically merged into 1 transaction invoice with multiple invoice lines.

Pushing Data in the accounting software

  1. Once you are happy with the data in the Template, use the Post Online button to push the data into the accounting software. All records which are marked as Yes in Column A Post? will be imported.

  2. A window will indicate which records will be updated with this action:

The first time you are given the option to choose if you wish to have the Edit option enabled - Click on Yes button to proceed

This window shows when Edit mode cannot be disabled

  1. The system will carry out any validations and any errors will be indicated together with the row number - example missing account validation:

  2. Once posting is successful, the Post Data Results window will show together with a direct link to the transaction (click on the logo icon to open the transaction):

  3. Successful transactions will also change:

  • Column A changed from Yes to No
  • The last column (Xero Edit ID or QBO Edit ID) will contain the accounting software reference id which is useful in case you wish to edit that transaction.

:information_source: ADVANCED TIP
For advanced users - if the Yes (without Edit) button was used, then Column A and the last column will not be updated. This is useful if the Column A has a formula which automatically changes based on the data in the template.

Editing data in the accounting software

You may edit data in bulk from the same template.

  1. Use the ‘Get Data to Edit’ button in DataDear to download data into this template - data can then be edited or voided and posted back.

:warning: NOTE
Transactions before the organisation Period Lock Date will not be downloaded.

  1. A parameters window to help filter data to be edited may be available (depending on the template):

  2. All filtered data will be downloaded in the sheet. Change any records and update Column A for those records to be updated in the accounting software.

  3. Records can also be deleted / archived (depending on the type of data) by selecting this option in column A.

  4. To finish updating the records, use the Post Online button.

Clear the Sheet

If you wish to start working from a clean sheet you may use the Clear Sheet button.

This will clear all data from the template including:

  1. All validated lists in the dropdowns will remain the same

  2. All transactions will be cleared (any unposted changes will be discarded)

  3. Any other sheets in the workbook will remain the same

Choose Proceed if you agree with the above steps or Cancel to return to the existing workbook

Important Notes

Adding more rows

The default template contains between 1,000 and 10,000 rows (depending on the template). If you wish to add more lines to the template, you may add more lines at the bottom - remember to copy the lines with formulas.

Copy add paste

If you wish to copy values from another sheet or from workings, we recommend you Paste as Values.

Additional sheets

Additional sheets with other DataDear data tables and reports are allowed in this workbook. This can be helpful to create or populate lists automatically using Excel functionality.