Group profit and loss with tracking categories doesn't run

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I’ve just setup a number of tracking categories (46) across our group of Xero entities (22). The problem is that it takes a very long time to run and errors out at the end (after about an hour running.

Is there a limit to how many tracking categories/entity combination people have used? Or is it a slow internet connection?


Hi @steven.dong

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Having 46 tracking categories across 22 entities and then pulling a P/L for that group of 22 entities is a lot of data to pull through. The Xero API limits the amount of data that can be pulled through for each call, and my guess is that when you are running this report the limit is exceeded, hence why it errors out.

Can I suggest you try running the same report for just one organisation? I believe you should find that it works. IF this is the case then it confirms my assumptions above and you are simply trying to pull through to much data when running the report for the group.

Please let me know how you get on.

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Thanks David

I suspected that it might be a tough ask. I was able to do this for a group of 5 entities so I guess your suspicions are probably correct.


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