HMRC error messages: Client is not authorised + waiting for another OLE action

Steps taken:

Log on to HMRC dashboard
Added a service
Granted authorization

The company appears in the list.
Downloaded the HMRC excel template “HMRC - Making TAX digital v1.2”

In the excel:

  • Log on with the credentials (successful)
  • The company name is listed successfully


Despite having authorized the company link we keep receiving 2 errors.

  1. The client/agent is not authorized

incorrect statement we have verified the adding of the company several times and authorized each time. + waited for more that 72 hours

  1. The excel is waiting for another OLE action.

This error is unclear. It happens during the mentioning of “our data miners are at work…”
Only a forceful termination of the excel can interrupt these error messages.

edit: for some idiot reason lowered down to only 1 embedded media (screenshot)


I’ve had the same problems, have you found a solution yet?


No response.
No support.

there is no future for HMRC for us.


That message is provided by HMRC and you will need to verify directly with them on why this happens. DataDear can submit the tax return in those instances as it is rejected from HMRC.