HMRC MTD - No Confirmation report from HMRC for 2 consecutive quarters

For the last 2 quarters my return was submitted, but in each case there was no response and no confirmation in the form of the usual populated tab.

I logged into hmrc to be certain the submission was successful. Thankfully the data had arrived both times.

  1. Submission dated 03/02/20 was preceded by “VRN” recognition problems.

  2. Submission this afternoon stalled with the much reported “OLE” waiting message. (Eventually an ‘error code=0 try later’ instruction appeared. On 2nd attempt there was no indication of success or failure.)

As I can see HMRC has the returns I’m not too worried, but thought DataDear should know these errors are occurring.

I should also like to point out that I am extremely grateful for the use of the free software and this is not a complaint.



Can you use the Report Problem icon in the DataDear toolbar so we can have a look at the logs to see if HMRC returned something strange when you tried the second attempt (please make a note to this forum post in the description).

DataDear does not have any control on the first attempt - it seems HMRC was busy and could not handle the request.

:slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback

Hi Neville
As requested, I have used the report problem icon to enable you to check the logs.
I had to use a blank excel spreadsheet to log-in because the hmrc template immediately goes into a prolonged “OLE” state as soon as I login via that.
I suspect demand at hmrc is pretty chaotic just now!
I hope this helps
Kind regards

Hi Neville - Did you ever get anywhere with finding out what happened here because it’s just happened to me - I pressed Post Online and nothing appeared to happen - no message box and no new sheet created. However, if I look on my Dashboard Audit Trail it’s showing there as a Status Successfully Processed. Any ideas?

have same issue. i was able to receive the additional audit page to confirm the submission and additional sheet with final number. now it has nothing back after send out the file. i have to go to website monitor audit report to see if it has been sent.
Please share how to fix that. We are using this for multiple sub companies in UK.

This issue continues.

However when I downloaded and used a fresh Datadear template the problem disappeared, the following quarter I used that same one and the fault was back.

It seems that a new template for each submission is the answer but I have not had sufficient opportunity to fully confirm this.

Perhaps it is something to do with saving the auto- response as a worksheet within the spreadsheet, I don’t save any other changes. Just a theory.

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