HMRC MTD - No Confirmation report from HMRC for 2 consecutive quarters

For the last 2 quarters my return was submitted, but in each case there was no response and no confirmation in the form of the usual populated tab.

I logged into hmrc to be certain the submission was successful. Thankfully the data had arrived both times.

  1. Submission dated 03/02/20 was preceded by “VRN” recognition problems.

  2. Submission this afternoon stalled with the much reported “OLE” waiting message. (Eventually an ‘error code=0 try later’ instruction appeared. On 2nd attempt there was no indication of success or failure.)

As I can see HMRC has the returns I’m not too worried, but thought DataDear should know these errors are occurring.

I should also like to point out that I am extremely grateful for the use of the free software and this is not a complaint.



Can you use the Report Problem icon in the DataDear toolbar so we can have a look at the logs to see if HMRC returned something strange when you tried the second attempt (please make a note to this forum post in the description).

DataDear does not have any control on the first attempt - it seems HMRC was busy and could not handle the request.

:slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback

Hi Neville
As requested, I have used the report problem icon to enable you to check the logs.
I had to use a blank excel spreadsheet to log-in because the hmrc template immediately goes into a prolonged “OLE” state as soon as I login via that.
I suspect demand at hmrc is pretty chaotic just now!
I hope this helps
Kind regards

Hi Neville - Did you ever get anywhere with finding out what happened here because it’s just happened to me - I pressed Post Online and nothing appeared to happen - no message box and no new sheet created. However, if I look on my Dashboard Audit Trail it’s showing there as a Status Successfully Processed. Any ideas?