HMRC - MTD - repeated 'OLE' and' HMRC not authorised messages'

The first time we used this reporting method was fine - no problems. We have had problems each quarter since then! Every quarter, we have had the message ‘Agent not authorised’, so we follow the steps to authorise agent. Same problem.

Following that, we deleted the add-in and set everything up again: re-installed, re-authorised agent, completed the form as directed step-by-step. Then we get an OLE action.

Have had this for four days now. Each time I use the saved form to try again (as directed), it defers back to the original problem and states that ‘the agent isn’t authorised’.

We have uninstalled and re-installed repeatedly. We have tried completing the forms afresh each time, but never get passed the OLE action.

Internet connection is fine and I have read just about every comment on the forum in connection with HMRC and now cannot think of anything else that we haven’t attempted.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @Denise

What happens if you try to run an HMRC report (open an new sheet and use the reports drop-down in the DataDear toolbar) instead of trying to submit the VAT return?

Hi Neville,

Tried that also - didn’t work. Have solved the problem now though!

Last quarter, when it wouldn’t send, someone from your team created another authorised agent to send it. This is the one I used this time and it wouldn’t work, so I authorised another as described above. Same result.

In desperation, accounts Mgr asked me to use a different government access code (the one that didn’t work last quarter and had been deleted) This time, everything went through fine!

I have marked this account and will use this one first next quarter (but why we seem to use a different access code each reporting quarter, I have no idea - will have the Mgr look into this)

Fingers crossed for next quarter…

Hey @Denise,

Reading this it sounds like HMRC may have your VAT profile attached to two separate authorisations, which could be causing the issue. I’d recommend throughout the quarter speaking with the VAT office to confirm which account you’d like it on and removing from the other profile if this is the case.

Glad this quarters resolved anyhow and I’m here should any issues arise in future!

Thanks, stay safe!

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I also have this issue: "Oops … There has been an unexpected error returned from HMRC. Detailed message from HMRC:

  • The client and/or agent is not authorised"

I’m sure I authorised everything and provided the right VAT, organisation, etc.

Please help!

Hi Yuriy,

Have you received confirmation from HMRC that the organisation is registered?

Hi Clifton,

It was autorised by them. I have sent an email with all the information to the DataDear support but they are insisting on me posting the request here. However, there is information I do not want to disclose publicly. Can you please get it solved together with the Support Team? They have more information: screenshots and the excel file.


In this case, DataDear is showing the response from HMRC. I would check if you can access the reports from HMRC using the DataDear toolbar.

This message can typically mean 2 things:

  1. You are not authorised with HMRC with the VRN being used.
  2. The VRN number entered is incorrect and HMRC is not recognising it.

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