HMRC template - Oops error



I have the same Oops error and all I am using is the MS Excel template wanting to connect to HMRC and submit VAT return only. Though not a fully robust solution the template has worked ok in the past but I can’t seem to figure out how to get round it this time? I re-added the organization and made the authorization connection with HMRC but still the template doesn’t work?

Invoice Template giving - the access token error

Hi - moved this to a new topic as was not related to the previous topic.

Can you provide some details on when you are experiencing this problem.


Using HMRC - Making Tax Digital v1.0.xls
Click Login button from ribbon
Login Credentials remembered from previous use
Clicked Login
Popup message re Free trial finished, though still free for VAT use so just click OK
After clicking OK
Error message appears “Opps access token for organisation not authorised…”
After clicking OK to message, my organisation is populated in the ribbon, however unable to select a data table, get the following error message:
Oops… Cannot retrieve any data in a template sheet. Create a new sheet if you want to retrieve information from the accounting package.
I’m not sure what this means.



I have reset your last connected company. Can you try again and see if that works. If you are still experiencing problems, I would suggest you delete the HMRC links from the dashboard and try to connect them again.


Thank you Neville, that worked. Much appreciated.



Glad that helped!


Hi Neville,

A month has passed and it is time for me to re-submit VAT and the same error as before (Oops…) has occurred ? I followed the exact same steps as before.

Any advice please?


Hi Neville,

It’s ok I got it working so ignore my last request.