HMRC VAT not Posting

Hi Forum
I have filed one VAT return via DD this morning - very slick. However when i go to post the second organisation it wont post.
I have done it - rebuilt it - logged out and back in - checked the link to HMRC
i dont know where to go now - apart from the Pub!

Help! i need to file Today

Hi Christine

Thank you for your feedback

Are you getting any errors when trying to post the second organisation?

To play safe, I would start from a clean sheet and ensure you are connected to the right VAT number in the drop-down within DataDear (possibly use the friendly name in the Dashboard to rename the connection with the VAT number). If you are still experiencing problems, best to provide a screenshot of the problem. Also let us know at which point you experience any errors - i,e. during the refresh of the obligations or when posting the return.

we have renamed the Gateway link so we are sure its the right link, and we get absolutley no errors all the way through
it refreshes, pulls in the correct dates for filing, and then ‘Post’ - nothing happens, the system just doesnt do anything, no message no waiting no error
we have tried a clean sheet and a different browser and we have tried different machines

there is nothing to screen shot as it just doesnt file

Hi Christine

That is quite strange - we have not experienced this problem before and I suspect it is related to this specific VRN.

We will need to have a look at the DataDear logs on your machine to troubleshoot the problem. Can you please provide these as follows:

Copy this url and paste in your file explorer:

%AppData%\Scope SaaS\DataDear\logs

Kindly zip the logs in this folder and send them over to


I keep getting the following message when trying to login via the Excel Add-In. I have renewed my bank details but it is still not working.

What can I do here?