How can I change the account ownership of the DataDear subscription?

Learn how you can change the account ownership of a DataDear subscription.

If you’re the subscriber / account owner of DataDear, you can transfer the subscription to another user within the same account.

:information_source: There can only be one account owner for a DataDear subscription.

If you’re the subscriber, you might need to transfer the subscription to someone else if you’re leaving your organisation or you might want to replace the email with a generic account that multiple users can access.

Account Owner Perks

The account owner has the following unique rights:

  • Add and reconnect organisations / companies
  • Create group of companies
  • Invite users
  • Assign granular user permissions per connected company
  • View history, login details and audit trail of all users using DataDear
  • Control the subscription and billing details
  • Option to delete / cancel the DataDear account

Change Account Owner

  1. Login to DataDear web Dashboard using your email and password.

  2. Click on your account name > My Profile and navigate to the Change owner section.

  3. Select the user you wish to upgrade as an account owner. Invited users who have not yet created an account will not be visible in this list.

  4. Choose the Change Owner button.

  5. Confirm the account ownership change and all account owner rights will be transferred to the selected user including connected organisations, billing details and user management.

:warning: The previous account owner will be converted into a regular user account and all subscription rights will be transferred to the new user.

:information_source: This action can only be reversed by the new account owner.