How can I create a formula with the Excel function wizard in the parameters window?

Learn how you can load dynamic values from an Excel formula through the function wizard in the parameters window.

In this article the Profit and Loss - Multiple Period DataDear report will be used as an example - this concept can be applied to most DataDear parameter windows - lookout for these icons image

Using the function wizard - formulas

In addition to values from other cells, formulas can also be used in the parameters window by choosing the function wizard icon and constructing a formula using the wizard (or creating this directly if you are an Excel geek).

Useful formulas which may be used in the parameters window are:

=TODAY() to show today’s date

=MONTH(TODAY()) or =TEXT(TODAY(),"MMMM") to show current month

=TEXT(EDATE(TODAY(),-1),"MMMM") to show the previous month (change the -1 to any other number)

=YEAR(TODAY()) to show current month

=LEFT('Values'!C1,3) - show the first 3 characters of a cell e.g. show Jan instead of January

=CONCATENATE('Values'!C1," ",'Values'!C2) - concatenate 2 cells e.g. January 2017 (AND may also be used)

:information_source: All Excel formulas should work within this setup - feel free to share any formulas worth distributing in this article.