How do I add or reconnect my VRN from HMRC to my DataDear account?

Learn how to add or reconnect your organisations in HMRC to DataDear from the Dashboard or directly from Excel.

You need to add your HMRC organisation / company to DataDear to start using the Excel toolbar. You also need to Sign up for Making Tax Digital before using DataDear’s free service. Find out how to sign up and what to do after you’ve signed up:

Once the process with HMRC is approved, you may add your organisations via any one of these options:

:information_source: The DataDear account owner can add, edit or remove organisations to DataDear.

Connect to HMRC from the Dashboard

  1. Login to DataDear web Dashboard using your email and password.

  2. Click on the Organisations tab in the menu.

  3. Click on the Add a Service button and select Connect to HMRC. Then enter your Organisation name, VAT Registration Number (VRN), and confirm whether you’re an agent or not. Once completed use the Connect button to proceed.

  4. This will forward you to the government gateway to authorise the connection. Sign in with your credentials used for VAT and follow instructions on the screen to Grant authority when prompted.
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  5. HMRC will securely authorise your gateway credentials with DataDear. You will then be automatically redirected to the DataDear Web Dashboard > Organisations.

  6. You will now see the connected organisation. You may also assign a Friendly Name, a Client Code or an Office Location using the Edit button next to the organisation.

  7. Success! You are now ready to use this organisation from Excel using DataDear.

Connect to HMRC from Excel

If you have already installed the DataDear add-in you may connect to HMRC directly from Excel.

  1. Open Excel, click on the DataDear tab and login using your email and password.

  2. Click on the Add icon and select HMRC Direct - VAT Return Submission from the menu.

  3. This will open your browser where steps 3-7 indicated above can be followed.

  4. Return to the Excel and press the OK button to refresh the list of organisations in DataDear. (If this window was closed earlier in the process, you will need to logout and log back in to refresh the list of organisations.)

  5. The Account drop-down list will show the organisation you have just added. The Friendly Name assigned to this organisation will be visible in this list. By default, the VRN entered in DataDear will be used.

  6. Success! You are now ready to use this organisation from Excel using DataDear.

Additional Notes

  • You may add as many HMRC VRNs as required … even from multiple HMRC accounts. Agents only need to authorise themselves once and can use DataDear for any clients that they have authority in place for.

  • You will need to carry out this process every 18 months.

:information_source: If you are experiencing problems with a connected organisation, this could be resolved by repeating the connection process and reconnecting the organisation. When carrying out such a task, there is no need to delete the organisation. All statistics and related data will be retained.