How do I assign and change access permissions for users?

Learn how to manage the access permissions of your invited users which can be configured differently for each connected organisation.

An organisation can only be connected once to DataDear so you may invite users to share your connected organisations on DataDear.

Each invited user can be given different granular access rights based on the organisation. This is useful to assign work between staff or to allow your clients to access their organisation.

:information_source: Note - There are no additional costs when you add additional users.

Edit User Permissions

User permissions can be managed from the Dashboard > Users as follows:

  1. Login to DataDear web Dashboard using your email and password.

  2. Click on the Users tab in the menu and navigate to the Users section.

  3. Next to the name of the person you wish to view, choose the Permissions button.

  4. The list of companies and groups connected to DataDear is available. It is recommended to first add the organisations / companies (and groups) to DataDear before assigning permissions. You may change the Read/Write settings for each organisation by changing the toggle under Refresh, Read and Write.

:information_source: By default, on inviting a new user, these options will be switched off so a user will not have access to any organisation.

  1. The following options are available for each organisation for the selected user:

    • No access to a connection [All options OFF]

    • Refresh Only ability to refresh only a report prepared by the account owner. [Refresh= ON]

    • Read (GET) only access to a connection [Read = ON]

    • Write (POST) only access for a connection [Write = ON]

    • Read (GET) and Write (POST) for a connection [Read = ON, Write = ON]

  2. Choose the Save Permissions button to save the user permissions for all organisations and groups.

:information_source: The Refresh Only is useful when sharing a report that only needs to be refreshed. A user with these rights cannot change any parameters and cannot restore deleted columns. Use the Limit access rights to make more granular changes to the user permissions.

:warning: Changes are immediate but a user will need to logout and login back in DataDear to see the changes in Excel.

Limit Permissions at data table / report level

  1. If you wish to limit access rights at a more granular data table or report level, then click on the Limit access rights . This option becomes available after the Read or Write toggles are enabled.

  2. A list of data tables and reports used in DataDear is provided.

  3. You will need to untick the boxes next to the items you wish to disable access for this user.

  4. Apply these settings to the selected organisation only (choose Save rights button ) or to all connections shared with this user (choose Save to ALL organisations for this user button ).

:information_source: This process needs to be repeated for each user and every time a new organisation or group is added to DataDear.