How do I create a group of organisations / companies?

Learn how you can create a DataDear ‘Group’ - which can be used for reporting & consolidations of group of organisations / companies and franchises.

You need to create a DataDear Group to start using the consolidated reporting. This article assumes that a number of organisations have already been authorised and added to DataDear - kindly refer to this article on how to add a Xero organisation or a QuickBooks Online company.

Once all the organisations have been connected to DataDear, you may create a group via the web dashboard or from within the Excel add-in:


  1. Open Excel, click on the DataDear tab and login using your email and password.

  2. Click on the Add icon and select Group of Organisations from the menu. The button will be disabled (greyed out) for normal users.

  3. This will open your browser on DataDear’s web Dashboard on the Organisations tab.

  4. Follow the steps below starting from step 3.


  1. Login to DataDear web Dashboard using your email and password.

  2. Click on the Organisations tab in the menu.

  3. Click on the Add a Service button and select Create DataDear Group . This will open a window where you need to define which organisations will form part of this group.

:warning: There is no limit to the number of organisations that can be added to a group - worth pointing that the reporting performance will depending on the number of organisations in that group.

  1. Enter a Group Name, Client Code (Optional), Office Location (Optional) for this group.

  2. Select a Group Currency from the list of available currencies. If the organisations in this group will have different base currencies, then you will be required to choose the default reporting currency for that group - this will determine what currency will be used when generating consolidated converted reports via a live forex feed. The exchange rates are fed automatically from live and historical exchange (forex) rates from Open Exchange Rates to provide ready to use data.

  3. Select the organisations by ticking the respective boxes from the list of organisations and choose Create Group. An organisation can form part of a number of different DataDear Groups.

:warning: A DataDear Group cannot contain a mix of Xero and QuickBooks Online companies.

  1. Success! You are now ready to use this group from within the DataDear add-in. To view this group in Excel, you will need to logout and log back in to refresh the list of organisations. The name assigned to the group will be listed in the list of organisations.

:bulb: Remember to share the group with users since by default only the account owner will have access to this group. You may read more on sharing a DataDear group with a user in this article.

  1. You may now use this group in a number of DataDear and custom reports and templates. The following DataDear reports are available for consolidation reporting (You may learn more about these reports by clicking on the name of the report):