How do I disconnect a Xero organisation from my DataDear account if it cannot be reconnected?

Learn how to disconnect your Xero organisations from DataDear using the Xero > Settings > Connected Apps.

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You may learn how to connect a Xero organisation using this link.

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If you want to reconnect a number of organisations you may choose the Continue with x organisations button as this will reconnect all companies to DataDear.

There may be instances where reconnecting the Xero organisation to DataDear is not possible as the organisation cannot be selected on the Xero access page:

Example reconnecting DataDear Surf AUD in the above is not possible as it is already connected to Xero.

You may solve this problem by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Connected Apps link just under the drop-down menu:

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It is recommended to open the link in a new tab. Right click on the link with your mouse and choose to open in a new tab.

  1. This will open your Xero account, choose the organisation you want to disconnect (from the header) and then using the Disconnect option. You may need to browse through the pages if you have several connected apps. If there are multiple DataDear instances, please disconnect all of them.

:information_source: Other users within your company using DataDear will be impacted when you disconnect several instances.

  1. You may now close this tab and return to the previous tab to continue with the DataDear process

  2. Click refresh in your browser and you should be able to proceed with the selection of the required company. In case you closed this window, you may also return to the DataDear > Organisations tab and use the Connect to Xero button to restart the process.

  3. From the drop-down provided, select the organisation you wish to connect to DataDear and choose Allow access to finish the process.

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