How do I enable DataDear when it's not visible in Excel?

Learn how to enable the DataDear tab in Excel if you have installed DataDear on your computer and this is not visible in Excel.

DataDear is an Excel add-in which runs on Microsoft Excel in a Windows environment. If you have successfully installed DataDear however the DataDear tab is not visible in Excel, there are a few steps you can do to activate the toolbar.

Microsoft Office 365 - If there is an error message related to the deployment manifest or its location marked as not trusted, check this article.

:warning: It is strongly recommended that you check if the add-in has been disabled prior to the following steps. For more information you can check this article

Option 1- Enable add-in from Excel

  1. Open Excel and click on File > Options [Alt + F + T] (You may first need to open a blank workbook)

  2. Choose the Add-Ins section
    Excel Options

  3. DataDear should be listed under the Active Application Add-ins. Otherwise, you will need to enable the Add-in.

  4. In the Manage section, choose COM Add-ins and click Go…
    Excel options add-ins

  5. Select only the DataDearLoader add-in and choose OK to enable DataDear in your Excel. Do not tick the DataDear add-in.

  6. If the DataDear and DataDearLoader are not visible in this screen, then proceed to reinstall the application.

  7. Restart Excel.

Note - this option can also be done by changing the Windows registry files directly.

Option 2 - Restart Excel

If after following the above procedure DataDear is still not visible in Excel, it may be possible that there is a problem with Excel and not with DataDear. Check if there are any Excel updates that need to be installed before restarting.

  1. Open Excel and click on File > Account (You may first need to open a blank workbook).

  2. Check under the Product Information for any updates (these are highlighted in yellow as per below snip).

Run the updates (if any) and restart Excel since this may fix this problem - restarting will be automatic if running the updates or can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Faster approach:
    > Close all your Excel windows
    > Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Start Task Manager
    > Click on Processes
    > Find all instances of ‘EXCEL.EXE’ and click End Process for each instance

  2. Easier approach:
    > Restart your Computer

Option 3 - Re install DataDear

  1. Open the Programs option in the Control Panel (varies depending on the windows OS version).

  2. Find the DataDear Excel Add-in and select Uninstall .

  3. Copy and paste %appdata% in your File Explorer.

  4. Delete the entire Scope SaaS folder.

  5. Download DataDear from the DataDear web Dashboard and reinstall the latest version.

If the problem persists after performing the above troubleshooting, it is advisable to contact the DataDear Support team for further guidance.