How do I fix 'Invalid VRN Number' error when trying to submit the MTD sheet?

Learn how to fix ‘Invalid VRN Number’ error when submitting the VAT return with DataDear’s free HMRC VAT submission tool.

If you are experiencing this error, it is recommended to carry out the following steps to reconnect with HMRC:

Step 1

From the DataDear toolbar in Excel, click on View > DataDear - Web Dashboard - This will open the Online Web Dashboard (Please ensure you open this within Chrome browser otherwise it may not work).

Step 2

Click on the Organisations menu item and use the Delete button next to the HMRC connection to delete the old DataDear-HMRC link. This is necessary to re-create another link with HMRC as per below instructions.

From the same window, select Connect to HMRC button

Step 3

A window will open where you need to enter any organisation name you want and the VRN number

:information_source: Agents need to tick an option instead of entering a VRN number since agents will have multiple VRN numbers.


If the problem persists, please ensure you have the latest HMRC template which can be downloaded from the Templates Library or by using this HMRC VAT template.