How do I GET (download) reports into Excel from the accounting software?

Learn how to download (GET) reports and how filters, conditions and preset filters can help you mine your data before downloading in an Excel worksheet.

You can download (GET) reports from your connected organisations into your Excel worksheet. There are few steps required to download the data as this can be filtered based on your needs.

Choosing the report

  1. Open Ms Excel, click on the DataDear tab and login using your email and password.

  2. Choose the organisation (if you have more than one connected organisation) from the first drop-down.

:information_source: You may first need to add an organisation - refer to how you can:

  1. Click on the Report drop-down list to select the report (data-set) you wish to download.


There are different reports (depending on the connected company) which have been grouped by type to make it easier to identify - the list depends on the organisation and on the accounting software from where the data is to be downloaded.

  1. Once you choose a report - example the ‘Profit and Loss - Multiple Periods’, a parameters window will allow you to mine and filter the data before this is downloaded.

  2. Preset filters - DataDear comes preloaded with a number of preset filters which can help you understand how the mining works. You can choose a preset by using the Preset filters drop-down. You may also save your frequently used filters as a preset by typing a name in the preset drop-down and select the Save Preset. Custom presets can also be deleted.

  3. Date - Most reports require to select the date range from a preloaded list (such as last month or this year) or choose a custom date range - only the transactions which fall within this range will be downloaded.

  4. You can choose to mine with a variety of fields such as the date or multiple tracking categories. These conditions depend on the selected report.

  5. Tab Colour & New/Current Sheet - Choose the Tab Colour and choose if you wish to have the data downloaded in the Current Sheet or in a New Sheet.

  6. Raw Data - Choose if you wish to have the data downloaded as raw data (recommended when formulas will be applied on the downloaded data)

  7. Data will now be downloaded directly from the accounting software (such as Xero or Quickbooks) in an Excel table.

  8. Next time you open this worksheet you can refresh this data and all applied filters will be remembered.

Sample Report (Profile & Loss - Multiple Periods)