How do I install the DataDear Excel Add-In?

Learn how to download and install the DataDear Excel add-in on your computer.

The DataDear Excel add-in can be installed on a Windows based Operating System (refer to system requirements) by following the steps below:

Download DataDear

  1. Login to the DataDear web Dashboard.

  2. Click on Download Add-In from the menu and navigate to the Download DataDear Excel add-in section.

  3. Click on Download Now button to download the latest version of the DataDear. Depending on the browser, you may need to run or save the DataDear installation file.

Install DataDear

  1. Ensure that Microsoft Excel is closed.

  2. Once the download has finished, start the installation process by double-clicking the downloaded file. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can click Run instead of downloading the file.

  3. Follow the InstallShield Wizard instructions to install the add-in.

  4. Once DataDear has been installed, open Ms Excel and click on the DataDear tab to start using the Excel add-in.

Note: The first time you install the application, you may be asked to install other mandatory components to run the system. This process might take a few minutes.

Advanced Setup Files

If you need to install DataDear on a multi-user setup such as a server or on a virtualised environment, refer to the advanced DataDear installation instructions. The advanced setup file or command line utility will allow the administrator to select a different location for saving the DataDear installation files.

Upgrade DataDear

DataDear only needs to be installed the first time using the default light installer - the add-in will update itself automatically immediately upon installation. Every time you open Excel, the DataDear Loader add-in will check if there is a new release and update automatically.

:information_source: Previous versions of the DataDear Excel add-in are not supported.

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