How do I invite a DataDear Expert to my account?

Learn how to invite a DataDear Expert to your account from the web Dashboard.

If you have enrolled the assistance of a DataDear Experts, you’ll need to invite them into your account using the below steps;

Invite Expert & Assign Rights

  1. Login to DataDear web Dashboard using your email and password.

  2. Click on the Users tab in the menu.

  3. Click on the Invite DataDear Expert button and enter their approved Expert Email Address in the space provided.

  4. After you have added the Expert, you will need to assign rights to each organisation which they need access to. To do so, hit the Permissions button next to your Experts user name, and switch on the relevant access.

  5. Once finished, hit Save Permissions to finish granting access

Additional Notes

  • DataDear Experts will typically require full read, and write access to the organisations you are working with them on.
  • You can revoke access at anytime by either, pressing the Delete button to revoke all access. Or going back into the permissions tab to switch off access to select companies.
  • If you receive the below error, please ask your DataDear Expert for their email address registered with us.

There was an error trying to add the DataDear Expert account. The user is not an Account Owner or does not exist in the system.