How do I prepare my computer for a remote session by the DataDear support team?

Learn how you can allow the DataDear Support team to connect remotely to your machine in order to investigate a problem.

There are cases where someone from the DataDear Support team needs to remote access your machine to help you troubleshoot a problem - such as when having a problem with installing DataDear.

Quick Assist, which is installed on most Windows PCs, is the chosen software for these remote support instances. Please check if you have this installed by clicking on the Windows button and type Quick Assist - the application should be available:


Starting the Remote Session

  1. Open Quick Assist

  2. Enter the code provided by the Support assistant in the space provided and click on Share screen :information_source: This code is only valid for 10 minutes.

  3. You must then grant permission by choosing Allow to allow access to your PC:

  4. Someone from the DataDear Support team will then access your PC to troubleshoot the issue you reported.

  5. You will be notified that your computer will be remotely supported when the connection is established and you can terminate the session at any time by closing the Quick Assist window.

This article applies when someone from the DataDear Support team has requested to remote access your computer. You may read more about Windows’ Quick Assist here.