How do I push & edit data into the accounting software?

Learn how to push new or modified transactions into the accounting software using a Excel template.

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Pushing data from Excel

  1. When you are ready to commit the populated template, click on the Post Online
    icon to transfer all data to the accounting software.

  2. Sit back, sip some coffee (it will be seconds not minutes) and wait for the display screen to show the results of the posted data.

  3. Successfully posted lines have the software icon which can be clicked to be redirected to the respective transaction in the accounting software.

  4. You may use the Copy to Clipboard button to paste the results in an email or some other system. Details in the confirmation window include if transaction was successful or if there was an error during the POSTing.
    DataDear - POSTing success

  5. If still confused or would like to obtain more details, you can click on View Full Audit Trail to obtain full visibility of the transactions. This opens the web Dashboard where all transactions are audited with respective accounting software links.

  6. Click on the software icon to be redirected to the respective entry.

Editing data already in Xero using Excel

  1. If you want to edit transaction that are already on Xero, click the “Get Data to Edit” button. this will pull all the data available for the relevant template from Xero into the excel template.


  1. Fill in the criteria window with the date range required or choose “since the beginning of time” to pull all the data in Xero to Excel. Users can also get the data related to a contact, transaction type, status and any other criteria in the criteria window below. This can be very useful when working on an organisation with a lot of data as users can choose which data they would like to retrieve to edit.

  1. Sit back, sip some coffee (it will be seconds not minutes) and wait for the data to be pulled through. The time taken by this process might vary depending on the date range chosen and the amount of data to be pulled.

:bulb: TIP:
The bottom left corner in Excel will provide an indication of what is happening in the backgroup whilst DataDear is getting the data.

  1. Once populated, edit the data as required, and follow the steps above to push the data back to Xero.

Clear Sheet

The Clear sheet button will wipe clean the entire template.


It is important to understand that this will not affect the data in your accounting software as this will only delete all the cells from the current template similar to when opening the template for the first time.