How do I report a problem with the DataDear Excel add-in?

Learn how to report a technical problem when using the DataDear Excel add-in.

Reporting a Problem

If something is not right with the DataDear toolbar, or you think there is a problem with DataDear, you can easily report it via the Report Problem in DataDear.

You need to follow the following steps to report a problem (Problems should ideally be reported within 24 hours.):

  1. Open Ms Excel and Login to the DataDear Excel add-in.

  2. Click on the Report Problem icon.

  3. The following window will appear:

Briefly fill in the required fields and explain what happened and what steps can be taken to reproduce the problem. We investigate all reports and might also contact you for more details during this process. Reporting issues when they happen makes DataDear better, and we appreciate the time it takes to give us this information. It is advisable to include the workbook when reporting such problems as it may be the cause of the problem.
4. Choose Report Problem .

:information_source: This functionality should only be used to report a broken feature in DataDear. If you need to request assistance on other matters, please open a New Topic (press the letter c on your keyboard) on the forum.