How do I upgrade my account during the trial or after the trial expires?

Learn how to enter your billing details and upgrade your account after the trial period has expired.

After the 30-day trail with DataDear, you will need to enter your billing details including the credit cards details and billing address to keep using your account.

Upgrade Trial

During the trial period or anytime after this expires, you can enter your billing details to upgrade your account to a paid account - starting with the Simple Plan.

:information_source: There are various pricing plans available - if you need to connect more than 20 companies, best to contact us your account manager so you can be guided accordingly.

  1. Login to DataDear web Dashboard using your email and password.

  2. Click on the Account tab in the menu.

The following details can be changed:

Add a Credit Card

Click on the Add card button to enter your credit card details

Once the details are entered, the monthly recurring billing will be activated with the first bill triggered at the first of the following month.

The following payment methods are accepted:

:white_check_mark: The card details will be securely passed on to the payment provider and will not be stored by DataDear.

Replace a Credit Card

Click on the Change card button to enter your new credit card details

The card new details will replace the previous card details and any pending balance will be charged with the new card details.

Billing Details

It is recommended to enter your billing details by using the Change billing details button - these details will be visible in the invoice. The following information may be updated:

  • Company Name
  • Tax / VAT Number
  • Full Address
  • Email/s where invoice will be sent (multiple email accounts can be entered - separated with a ;)
    Use the Edit Details button to save the billing details.

Change Currency

You may select the preferred billing currency from:

  • EUR
  • GBP
  • USD
  • AUD
  • NZD