How do I upgrade the DataDear Excel add-in?

Learn on how to upgrade the DataDear Excel add-in to the latest version.

The DataDear Excel add-in is frequently updated with new functionality and improvements. The add-in needs to be upgraded before it can be used.

Upgrading DataDear

When you open Excel, the DataDear Loader add-in will check if there is a newer version of DataDear. The add-in will auto-update and the following window will appear during the Excel loading process - this update may take a few seconds.

DataDear auto-loader

Ms Excel will then open and the latest version of DataDear is installed.


Previous versions of DataDear Excel add-in are not supported. It is obligatory to have the latest version of DataDear to be able to use the tool. The upgrade process is usually straight forward and unnoticed however there are instances when this process fails.

In these cases, when you login to DataDear, this message will appear:

upgrade DataDear

Typical problems why DataDear has not auto-upgraded are:

  • there is an Excel still running in the background - ensure that all Excel instances are closed.

  • the following url is blocked by a firewall or not accessible on the network

  • the application cannot unzip the latest version - ensure the machine can unzip files

  • the application does not have permissions to update the DataDear files - ensure that the directory %AppData%\Scope SaaS\DataDear has full r/w access

  • ensure the correct LOADBEHAVIOR registry settings are applied