How do I use the data copy for Xero organisations or QuickBooks Online companies?

Learn how you can take a data copy of your journals, static data and attachments of a Xero organisation or a QuickBooks Online company.

A data copy is useful for:

:small_orange_diamond: Peace of mind - Your company or client want to store a copy of the Xero or QuickBooks Online data offline.

:small_orange_diamond: Cancel Subscription - Get a copy of all data when you terminate the subscription with Xero or QuickBooks Online.

:small_orange_diamond: Closing off a client - Get all the client data out of Xero or QuickBooks Online including attachments for clients.

:small_orange_diamond: Data Retention Policy - Some companies require an offline copy as part of their data retention policy.

:small_orange_diamond: Transactions for a year - Choose to download a data copy of all transactions for any required period.

:small_orange_diamond: Attachments - Get a copy of all attachments within the Xero organisation or QuickBooks Online company (inc receipts entered through OCR tools such as Hubdoc).

:information_source: NOTE
You need data copy tokens to be able to create a data copy. You may add tokens to your account by choosing a bundle based on the number of required data tokens. Some DataDear plans already include data copy tokens so please double check your plan before you purchase a bundle.

Create data copy

  1. Login to DataDear web Dashboard using your credentials.

  2. Click on the Data Copy tab in the menu.

  3. Under Step 1, select the company / organisation you wish to use. Only Xero and QuickBooks Online are supported

  4. Under Step 2, chose the data copy date range. You may select one of the available options or enter your preferred range.

  5. Under Step 3, tick if you do not wish to download attachments for the selected period.

:bulb: TIP
The option to ignore attachments is useful when the selected organisation contains thousands of attachments which may fail to download due to daily usage limit of the accounting API. If the organisation has more than 500 attachments DataDear will show a window with information that data copy can fail because of API calls limit (Xero has a limit of 5,000 calls per day). In these cases, you may get the attachments over a few days by selecting a narrower date range.

  1. Click on the Generate & Send button to start the data copy service. You may view progress of the data copy in the Previous Copies section.

:warning: Xero allows you to make 60 calls per minute. Because of that it’s recommended not to use the connection to retrieve or post any data while the data copy is generated.

Previous Copies

  1. Use the provided link (in the email or directly in the data copy page) to download a .zip file of the data copy.

:warning: The data copy remains available for 7 days before it is automatically deleted from the system. Deleted files cannot be restored and the download link will no longer be available.

  1. The file contains all downloaded attachments and an Excel workbook.

You can download a sample of the data_copy.xlsx file :arrow_down: .


Attachments are grouped under 2 folders:

:small_orange_diamond: Attachments includes attachments for transactions that were saved contextually against a transaction e.g. Invoice, Bill, Manual Journal etc (these are stored against the respective system journal number in the audit trail) - these also include the journal number in the filename so you can easily trace them back to the journal in the Excel workbook.

:small_orange_diamond: Others includes all other attachments which are in your Xero library or stored against other non-transaction elements such as the contacts.

Excel workbook for Xero

The following data is extracted in separate tabs to your Excel workbook:

  • Xero Organisation Details

  • Chart of Accounts

  • List of Contacts

  • List of Items

  • List of Tax Rates

  • List of Tracking Categories

  • Assets

  • A full data copy of the entire Audit Trail (All Xero system Journals)

Excel workbook for QuickBooks Online

The following data is extracted in separate tabs to your Excel workbook:

  • List of Organisations

  • A full data copy of the entire Audit Trail

  • List of Invoices

  • List of Bills

  • List of Credit notes

  • List of Accounts

  • List of Customers

  • List of Vendors

  • List of Items

  • List of Tax Rates

  • List of Locations

  • List of Classes