How do I use the Drill Down functionality?

Learn when and how to use the Drill Down functionality in DataDear.

The drill down functionality is available on selected data tables where a record can be linked to in multiple data tables such as in the Invoices data table.

When you download a data table where Drill Down is enabled such as the ‘Invoices’, the Drill Down icon becomes available (clickable).

In the Invoices data table, each row is representing one Invoice / Invoice Line. To find further details / linked tables to the Invoice lines, use the Drill Down functionality:

  1. Click on the Invoice

  2. Click the Drill Down button

  3. You will see the number lines and columns increase as more data is provided for the selected line/lines.

Drill down is available for all data tables which have a header and additional lines such as Bank Transactions, Credit Notes, Expense Claims, Manual Journals and Receipts .

:information_source: It is also possible to drill down on multiple lines by selected a range of rows in Excel. Depending on the number of lines selected, this might take some time to process.