How to enable the add-in if it was disabled in Excel?

Learn how to enable the DataDear tab in Excel if you have disabled the add-in and it’s no longer visible in Excel.

DataDear is an Excel add-in which runs on Microsoft Excel in a Windows environment. If you had to force close Excel using Task Manager, you might get the following screen upon re-opening Excel.


It is advisable to click the No option as otherwise, the DataDear add-in would disappear from the toolbar. If you choose the Yes option, you may follow these steps to re-enable DataDear.

Enable add-in from Excel

  1. Open Excel and click on File > Options [Alt + F + T] (You may first need to open a blank workbook)

  2. Choose the Add-Ins section

  3. DataDear would be listed under the Disabled Application Add-ins.

  4. In the Manage section, choose Disabled Items and click Go…

  5. Select DataDear and click on Enable

  6. The next step is to ensure the DataDear add-in is activated. Going again to the previous screen, from the Manage Option, select COM Add-ins and click Go …

  7. Select only the DataDearLoader add-in and choose OK to enable DataDear in your Excel. Do not tick the DataDear add-in.

  8. If the DataDear and DataDearLoader are not visible in this screen, then proceed to reinstall the DataDear application.

  9. Restart Excel.

Note - if the add-in is enabled but not showing in Excel, you may refer to the following article