How to refine filters for Accounts Table download



I’m creating a spreadsheet for staff to complete for Reimbursements. The form will contain dropdown lists for account code and the 2 tracking categories. Using DD to keep the lists for the drop down lists up to date.
I want to restrict the GL accounts that appear in the account code drop down list.
Initially I marked accounts that I wanted in the list with “Type” = EXPENSE and those I didnt want in the list as OVERHEAD and then modified the filters. But I want to reserve that logic for Management Account Reporting.
Given that we don’t use the Xero expense claims I want to use the “Show in Expense Claims” field as an indicator of whether the account appears on the drop down list or not.
Problem is that “Show in Expense Claims” does not show as a field that you can filter on when setting up the download. Can DD include that field?


Hi Russell

Thank you for this feedback. I think the suggestion is quite interesting and will add value to DataDear. We have included this in the list of enhancements and will inform you once there is an update. This may be as early as April or May this year.


Hi Russell,

We have good news! The filter with ‘‘Show in Expense Claims’’ within the Accounts data table have been added with the April release done this morning.

Do let us know if this works out for you!