I lost my connection to QBO for DataDear

I cannot connect and get the following message:

Uh oh, there’s a connection problem.

Sorry, but the app didn’t connect. Please try again later, or contact customer support for help.

View error details (for Developers)

The redirect_uri query parameter value is invalid. Make sure it is listed in the Redirect URIs section on your app’s keys tab and matches it exactly. Click here to learn more about the redirect_uri query parameter.

Please help ASAP.

Getting the same issue

Hi @Jitasa and @mpkrieger1

We are looking into this and it is being given top priority.

I will keep you updated with any developments.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,


I have critical reports that have to be completed by tomorrow - do you think this is going to be solved today? I assume we will see credits on our account for this loss of service…

Hi @saledgers

We cannot commit to a time frame but I can assure you that both our engineers and QBO engineers are currently working on resolving the issue.

Kind regards,


Hi @saledgers @mpkrieger1 @Jitasa

The issue has been resolved.

It is possible you might need to reconnect your organisation as mentioned in the article below.

Please let me know how you get on.

Kind regards,