I'd like to create a consolidated "Account Transactions" worksheeet

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We have a number of different companies (c. 20) and I’d like to create a consolidated “Account Transactions” table so I can search for entries or contacts across multiple companies (i.e. filter by contact to find a list of all the payments to a plumber that’s worked on properties across multiple companies).

I’ve managed to create a basic / clunky version of the sheet I’m looking for using “Account Transactions” it’s ruined by all the noise created when there are reversed journals creating multiple entries for single invoices. Is there a custom solution for this?

What accounting software are you using?

The problem I’m having seems to be similar to this which suggests there is an answer…

hey @adamjk

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I’ve just replied to your support ticket with access to my diary so we can walk through this together.

As this appears to be on the wish-list of a few users, the logic is between the Journal number and Source ID, looking for the maximum Journal number with the same source ID to locate the final journals. =MAXIFS(Journal Number, Source ID, Source ID), then just checking whether the journal number matches the last to filter out. I hope this helps!


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