Importing to Xero from Sage - need to overwrite the VAT amounts

I’m importing historic transactions from Sage 200 to Xero. I need to be able to mimic the data fully.

I’m 90% of the way there but I can’t seem to be able to manually override the VAT amount that’s imported for each Sales invoice/Bill - I can only select the VAT rate (which unfortunately doesn’t work in this instance - some random VAT amounts that I need to import).

Is there a way to override the VAT value when using the POST invoice/bill template into Xero?

Hey Nicole,

Great question. I know we’ve discussed separately but answering here too in case it helps anyone else out.

Xero loves to calculate the VAT itself, at times this can cause differences due to rounding from the different systems. To avoid rounding issues we’d recommend creating a separate line for the VAT amount coded to your vat account and posting both as no VAT.

The other way would be to handle the adjustments via journals or within Xero but given this requirement wasn’t the right solution.


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