Incomplete Data dear reports in one entity

Hi Team

I am trying to run a report ‚ÄúTrial Balance - Multiple periods‚ÄĚ in one of the entities (out of multiple entities). However, I can only see few basic reports as opposed to whole lot of report options I get in other entities. However, my colleague has such detailed report view available in the same entity. Can you please advise the reason for such issue despite the fact that both of our access rights are the same in Data dear as well as XERO.


Hi @vikas.bansal

Thank you for getting in touch.

There are 2 instances that affect what reports and data tables are visible :

  1. Groups Vs single organisations : When selecting one organisation users can see all the reports and data table, however when selecting a group made up of multiple organisation not all reports and data tables are available. This is due to the API restrictions imposed by Xero. So to summarise, not all reports and data tables are available for groups of companies.

  2. Access right from DataDear : The Account owner can choose which reports and data tables each user can view. From the Users tab account owners can untick and tick reports and data tables as required.

Given the above, the Trial balance multiple periods is a report that shows up for both single organisations and a group.

So if none of the fixes your issue I suggest you get in touch with us on so we can organise a call and investigate further.

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