Installation failed

Hi there,

I have installed DataDear add-on on the user’s machine.Now I’m able to see it in Excel, I select add-on and I’m not able to uploaded as I keep receiving this error

Can you please help !


Hi @pbojarska

It may look like the application got corrupted during the update (or the anti-virus might have corrupted the download). May I suggest you follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Programs option in the Control Panel (varies depending on the windows OS version).

  2. Find the DataDear Excel Add-in and select Uninstall.

  3. Copy and paste %appdata% in your File Explorer.

  4. Delete the entire Scope SaaS folder.

  5. Disable any firewall or anti-virus software to ensure these do not block any DataDear files.

  6. Download DataDear from the DataDear web Dashboard and reinstall the latest version.

  7. If you are still experiencing problems, please open Excel and go to File > Options > Add-ins. Click on the drop-down next to Manage and select Disabled Items-ensure DataDear is not listed here otherwise select DataDear and click on Enable.

  8. Once again Click on the drop-down next to Manage and select Excel Add-ins. Make sure the DataDearLoader is ticked.

Let us know how that goes!


I have repeated the process- I still didn’t get that fixed. I have run Excel as administrator and it worked I could easily upload the file. Do you think this might be permissions issues ? Are just administrators able to access DataDear in Excel ?

Best wishes,


Yes I would ensure that the user has r/w rights in the Scope SaaS folder