Installation using corporate Admin account

I’m local IT in our business and have been asked to install the Datadear Excel add-on for one of our Finance employee’s to trial. However, due to the tight security restrictions in place on the laptops, I have had to install this for the user giving my admin account credentials when prompted for an Admin username and password.

The install doesn’t work and the Datadear doesn’t show. I did notice the path for the install had my admin user name in the path instead of the user I was installing for which I am guessing is why this hasn’t worked.

Is there a way to do a manual install as I am unable to give this user local admin rights with him working from home over the VPN?


Hi @jclayland

Have you had a look at this article? How do I install DataDear on a server or a virtualised environment?

Hi Neville,

Thanks for the reply.
I did find and browse through that article but it seemed to indicate having a server the software is installed on and an .ini file so I kind of ran through it quickly.

But this looks like a Server/client solution not what I required.

Hi @jclayland

Can you confirm the DataDear path has read/write access in the existing installation as per below.